Kawita Kandpal

E-lectric Scarf

The e-lectric scarf warms the one who wears it in any weather.


Introduction to Physical Computing

The e-lectric scarf consists of a canvas core containing thermoelectric heating elements and power supplies. The shell consists of cotton and the scarf is secured with velcro. The velcro hook and loop structures enhance the effects of heat and warmth for the wearer.

I possess a background in biology and have always been interested in exploring how electronic textiles can be rendered to accommodate and even enhance the body's basic needs.

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

User Scenario
Anyone who enjoys a range of weather conditions will experience consistent warmth from the e-lectric scarf.

The scarf contains thermoelectric elements, power supplies, canvas, cotton, and velcro. I am currently developing a second generation prototype whose shape is more streamlined.

Extensive research of electronic textiles and conductive elements was required and I learned a great deal about the interactions between textiles and the affects of heat on textiles.