Gabriela Gutierrez
Kevin Bleich

Fake Wooden Mirror

Pixels pretending to be wood pretending to be pixels. An homage to Danny Rozin's Wooden Mirror, which is a permanent part of ITP.

Introduction to Computational Media,Materials and Building Strategies

Fake Wooden Mirror is a Processing sketch inspired by Danny Rozin's Wooden Mirror. With the actual mirror currently under repair, Kevin and Gabriela decided to fill the void with a projection of the mirror that attempts to re-create the mirror's behavior. The piece is meant to be projected in the Wooden Mirror's original frame to create the ghost, the illusion that Danny's mirror is still there. The mechanisms is the same: a camera captures video, creates a grid, maps the brightness of each pixels, and then draws them in different gold tones.

Kevin has been working on the mirror repairs for a semester. Gabriela made the Processing sketch of the mirror last year for ICM.

All floor visitors. Everyone misses the mirror.