Sajan Ravindran


Feathers is a software application which would enable basic shapes to emerge out of the drawings which children make.

Principled Design: Dealing with Wicked Problems & Social Change

Children tend to learn through playful interactions about sizes and shapes, principles of cause and effect and their ability to make things happen. Their development is also dependent on the availability and variety of stimulating objects around them.<br /><br /> Shapes are very important for young children since they act as the stepping stone to learn to read and write. Children, especially who are 3-4, tend to scribble on paper. Are there underlying shapes which are created in this process? Would displaying the shapes enable them to recognize the underlying patterns and provide an avenue to learn in a progressive way?<br /><br /> This is the main goal of feathers.

The target audience are children in the age group of 3-4 years.