Anh Ly
Sharanya Ravichandran


Fluffy is the future backpack: a cuddly companion that calms you during stressful times and connects you with your loved ones.

Product Poetry: Designing Inter-experience

Fluffy interacts with you by responding to your breathing patterns and inducing you to take deeper, slower breaths. She also responds to touch and notifies you when you receive a loving tweet. Using subtle movements, Fluffy redefines our relationships with \\\"machines.\\\"

We extensively researched the current structure, materials, trends and brands of existing backpacks. Then we conducted numerous interviews to gauge how we could take the backpack to a new level.

Fluffy is targeted to any backpack wearer, but particularly women and those who are more fashion conscious; It's also targeted to those who have a stressful life.

User Scenario
When a person puts on the backpack, Fluffy will match her breathing to your breathing rate. Then, she will start breathing at a slower and calmer rate, thus encouraging you to also take slower breaths. Fluffy also notifies you of a tweet from a loved one by tapping you on the shoulder. You can calm her down by stroking the straps.

Fluffy is made of fur, an arduino, an ethernet shield, a stepper motor and a balloon.

We discovered that we can more easily become attached to an object that displays animal-like qualities, and these qualities can offer us therapeutic effects.