Jacqueline Steiner
Karolina Ziulkoski

Fluid Wall

Fluid wall is an interactive façade prototype which allows communication between the inner world of a building and the outer world.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Structures such as buildings, by nature, create a barrier between the outside world and the world within them. Standing on the street it’s very difficult to get any sense of what’s going on in the structures surrounding oneself. In New York there are buildings all over the place, yet many of them are not open to the public. We walk between these concrete structures but have no idea what is going in just a few feet away from us. What we would like to do is breakdown that barrier of inner and outer worlds without physically removing or destroying the walls that separate them – the fluid wall allows communication between the interior and exterior without interfering in the privacy of the occupants, like a window could. Through sound sensors placed inside the project structure itself and through weather information pulled from the internet we will establish a dialogue between the inside world of Tisch and the outside world, engaging both the people who pass by the building as well as the students inside. Reacting to those sensors will be a number of LED strips suspend creating a color display of light patterns, which will communicate the information captured from the sensors to the outside world and from the internet to Tisch.

Jacqueline graduated in Graphic Design.
Karolina is a bachelor both in Architecture and Advertising.

Since this is a façade, everyone. More specifically, one side targets anyone who is outside of the building, while the other focuses on the people on the inside.

User Scenario
There's no specific amount of time people should spend on it - it is thought as a passerby/ background experience. Certainly the most time one spends on it, the more he will discover how it works and the relationship between the animations and the information it is displayed.

LEDs, acrylic, wood, arduino, processing. Hours and hours of hard work.

How to saw, sand, solder, break a code...