Lia Martinez
William Jennings


In the future you are able to mix and match any two "things" to make a new thing. popcorn + dog = popdog, dinosaur + lion = dinion.

Video Sculpture

A simple kiosk to order your new creation through a rotary dial and some questionable "branding" of organisms where names, descriptions and pictures of your new organism is assembled quickly before your eyes. When you are finished with your order you'll get a small print out from a small slot telling you about your selection and giving you a voucher to pickup your purchase "in the future."

Commodities of life.


User Scenario
Use the rotary dial to make your combination/selection. Then choose, after you choose get your receipt and wait for your object to arrive via bio-mail.

Toy typewriter and a hacked genotype kiosk... we were able to hack it onto a mac... I guess macs are around in the future.

Array lists, Remote Arrays, Image treatment, type and processing, printer software and more.