Angela Bond
Guilherme Costa
Luisa Covaria
Mick Hondlik

Imagine Nothing

Imagine Nothing is an interactive audio-visual butoh performance that explores the relationship between humans and the world of imagination.

Introduction to Computational Media

This piece is a collaboration between interaction artists Luisa Covaria, Mick Hondlik, Guilherme Costa, and Angela Bond and butoh performer, Kim Burgas. Imagine Nothing is concerned with exploring imagination as a dark and magical realm. People are giving up the power of invoking their imagination and as a consequence we are loosing an integral part of ourselves. External images, role models, and media are overwhelming us and we are forgetting to dig inside our complex minds. The Butoh movement explores the dichotomy between the internal mental images that act as the impetus for movement and images that are projected on the surface of the body, and the interplay between both. The interactive visuals represent the performer’s mental images, as she is moving through space. The ellipses revolving around the performer’s projected self depict her struggle to dive into her psyche. The second part of the performance shows the journey of the dancer exploring the world of her imagination. She steps on glass, breaking boundaries and the sound reverberates announcing her arrival to a new reality. The projection of her explorations is projected onto her body as she moves through the path of glass.

This piece is targeted to everyone, but most specifically to those who forget to imagine, those who think they don’t have time to take a few seconds, close their eyes and invoke images.

User Scenario
An ideal scene for this project includes a TV screen so that we can show the video. Additionally, we would like to make an interactive visual available for a user to play with which requires a kinect, projector, and white wall or screen.