Hanny Ahern

in ex breath ride

A breath monitor that operates a lite dimmer on a traditional lightbulb allowing you to visually synchronize breath with others.

Basic Analog Circuits

this project will make up to 25 breath light in order to accumalte a number of people in a small space and visualize there breath as they begin to synchronise the breath together. A way of given homage to an essantial life force that we cannot see.


User Scenario
two people sitting across from oneanother at a small table , in front of them are plate with large lightbulbs wired onto te plate. the put on a breath sensor around the rib cage which dims and birghtens the light bulb. the users become aware of there breathing and work to synchonise or become playful with the visualization. if they acheive synchornizing the light bulbs that hang above the table light up. The amount of lightbulbs can be <br /><br /> modified to 2 people 1 person 25- 50 people. the lights can hang through a grid hanging system i have in place or face upward through the wrie plates, also up and running. the peice can be used in a nuber of scenarios . the original outout is hanging in a chadelier style lying on the floor. for the ITP show the best interaction will be to angage two people at a time at a table setting.<br />

Technicaly the project requires a near y power supply, enough spcae to place a table , mat or carpet about the size of a yoga mat (about the size of the black tables we have at itp. also must be somewhere that ceiling hanging can occure, the hanging is done with S hooks very easy to hang anywhere.

it is very difficult to maniuplate an AC lightbulb rather than an LED!!