Ann Chen
Claire Mitchell

In Rotation

A kinetic interactive sound sculpture made from discarded and second hand household items.

Introduction to Physical Computing

In Rotation is a kinetic sound piece that recalls the history and fragility of discarded, second-hand household objects by transforming them into moving components of an imagined musical instrument. Viewers activate the piece by playing a set of constructed keys from found materials. Ceramic dishes rotate, creating ringing sounds as they brush up against one another while solenoids tap the plates from behind. The gears and mechanisms that power the sculpture are visible, openly revealing the functionality.

We looked at work by kinetic sculptors such as Jean Tinguely and Tim Hawkinson. We were interested in their incorporation of found materials.

An audience that is into craftsmanship, experimentation of materials and sound.

User Scenario
Two viewers stand on either side of the two-sided sculpture. As each user presses one of the keys on their respective keyboards, rotating gears are activated on one side and solenoids are activated on the other. The result is a collaborative musical composition formed from the ringing and tapping of plates.

Plywood, acrylic, ceramic, spoons, solenoids, servo motors, Arduino, metal hardware

We learned a lot about planning, construction, organization, physics and motors.