Byung Han Lim

Kinect Daft Punk

Kinect Motion tracking based performance with sound trigger of Daft Punk's 'harder, better, faster, stronger'

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

This is project is all about having fun and putting usage of Kinect into a context, The famous Daft Punk\\\'s song, \\\'Harder, better, faster, stronger\\\' is sliced into each word, and can be triggered by hitting one of the visual 16 grids with any part of your body - you can easily make combinations of different vocoded sentences in a very rhythmical way by utilizing whatever parts of your body you find it most convenient and comfortable. The visuals will be projected on a wall - does not require large space - just a laptop(everything runs through processing) and a projector(or a descent size computer screen) are the only requirement for this project to be installed.

Electronic Music Production and Engineering<br /><br /> Music software Prototyping <br /><br /> Killer Electronic Musician!!!

Anyone who is interested in audio+video interaction with motion detection.

User Scenario
1. It would be ideal(and fun) to project the 16 grids from overhead projection to the floor and people can jump around(or do whatever for that reason) to trigger the sound.<br /><br /> 2. or simply project the image on any white wall and let people come in front of the kinect and try it themselves

It is all programmed with processing + OpenKinect lib + Minim.<br /><br />

Kinect has infinite potential to be used as musical instrument. Same goes for visuals. It is itching to be used in many other awesome contexts.