Chisom Onuoha

Look At Me Now

An interactive installation about who has the authority to stare and to be stared at.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Look At Me Now is a projection of one person on a screen. When viewers walk by, the person on the screen acts in interesting and engaging ways. But as soon as viewers stop to examine him more closely, he also stops and stares back at them. <br /><br /><br /><br /> In this project, I am doing three things: first, challenging the role that art plays as something that is only engaged with through brute visual confrontation; second, playing with viewers'' expectations about how to interact with projections; third, asking the question of who has and should have the power to gaze at someone uninterrupted.

Anyone and everyone who has been told that it's rude to stare at people.

User Scenario
User walks by, notices movement, turns to see more, and is frustrated to realize that nothing is happening. User waits around for action, gets bored and walks away, only to see that once again something is happening. They then further engage with the piece and attempt to discover what triggers the interesting acts, etc.

One computer, running the code. One projector, showing the image.