Jason Rosen
Karolina Ziulkoski

Love, OutofBounds

Love, OutofBounds is a dynamic projection that responds to the user's movement in making beautiful, content based switches in visual imagery through the applications of processing, a camera and the human form in motion, playing with the concepts of the culture of celebrity.


Introduction to Computational Media

The culture of celebrity is very powerful nowadays - both the idea of being part of a celebrity\'s life as well as getting fifteen minutes of fame. This installation plays with those concepts through a series of images of celebrities\' affairs throughout history and images from unknown people shared on the internet that are mingled together when a spotlight is pointed towards them.

We investigated other's projects, each others' and also worked with both our professors as well as residents in order to meld some of our ideas together, as well as past projects' successes for a new collective vision.

The Winter Show- people that enjoy pop culture and using their body to turn pages to US Weekly if it was cooler and more cynical!

User Scenario
They walk by and just see an image of someone familiar and iconic, and when they test it for interaction they will start to "muddy" the pixels, until they stop and then they will have blended that image into another celebrity, connecting affairs.

A projector on a wall, the camera on the same one, and the human form in front.

That breaking code will set you free to making code.