Gabriela Gutierrez
Yonatan Ben-Simhon

Mailbox Full of Secrets

A day in the life of a mailbox. Have you ever wondered what's inside?

Designing Conversational Spaces,Materials and Building Strategies,Sensitive Buildings

Mailboxes: they are everywhere, we pass them everyday. They are such a familiar part of the urban landscape that we rarely notice them. Perhaps this is because our interactions with them are so passive and limited: open lid, drop package, close lid. They are especially designed so we can’t see or reach what people drop inside. They are mysterious boxes, full of secrets.<br /><br /> Departing from this idea that mailboxes are tragically underexplored physical spaces, Yonatan Ben-Simhon and Gabriela Gutierrez are building an oversized, interactive mailbox for the ITP Winter Show. It is our intention to transform a seemingly ordinary object into an extraordinary sensory experience.