Yoonjo Choi


Nostalgia is an interactive art piece where you can view a memory of my past by typing.


Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

Nostalgia is an interactive art piece where you can view a memory of my past. The typing triggers a sensor which brightens a photo that is projected on the paper of the typewriter.The photo will fade away if typing is stopped, as if memories will if you do not hold on to them. The spacebar and handle on the left side can also be used. Each have a different function. The spacebar lets you flip to the next photo and the handle on the left side, which is the Enter key, lets you jump to another time period of my life.

The typewriter can be controlled in so many ways, it was hard to not add everything that came into mind. I learned how beautifully typewriters are structured and found potential of using different methods of controlling it.

Anyone can be an ideal audience, as long as if they have enough strength in their fingers to hit down hard on a typewriter key.

User Scenario
A participant will be reminded that this is a typewriter not a keyboard, and that one must hit the keys hard in order to make this project work. The user will type in anything into the typewriter. Then the photo projected on the paper will brighten. When pressing the space bar the photo will change to the next memory. Once the paper reaches the end, you will need to press the enter bar (handle) at the left side, and when that happens the photo will jump to another time frame of my life. You can keep interacting with it.

I am using a typewriter that is made out of metal and plastic. Wood is used for the bottom platform and foam for the outside case.

I learned how much potential there is in using a typewriter and how to make my own switch out of copper tape. It was a great exercise to use the basic concepts of physical computing.<br /> One thing to keep in mind is that you must remember that this is a typewriter, not a keyboard, and must remind the users that fact. You must hit down hard on the keys in order to make this project work properly.