Chien-Yu Lin


Save miniature animals using your own voice and choice. "Selection" creates a sense of tug-of-war feelings between human and nature.

Video Sculpture

In "Selection", there would be several kinds of miniature animals, such as a dog or a bird, moving back forward between you and the mouth of a tiger sculpture. You can use your own voice to make a choice- to make them safe or been eaten.<br /><br /><br /> By this decision process, "Selection" create a sense of tug-of-war feeling between human and nature.

Kids and Adult.

User Scenario
First, there would be a miniature creature projected on the center of the wall. This creature will move slowly toward a tiger's mouth. Viewer can stop it is by yelling at it. If the participant keep talking for a while, the animal will turn its head and walk toward a different direction. If the participant didn't do anything, the animal will enter tiger's mouth and be eaten. There will be several kinds of animals and participant can choose which one he/she wants to save.

Software-Using Openframe work to control the video clip according to sound<br /><br /><br /> Fabrication- Paper sculpture of tiger/ wood bridge/ projection