Dollee Bhatia
Phan (Pan) Visutyothapibal

Sensory Audio Enhancer

A project aimed to help ‘see’ and ‘feel’ music.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

An immersive environment where user generated audio is not just visualized but also sent back as haptic feedback. Users get to choose between and combine 6 layers of audio which are then visualized and sent as haptic feed back to vibration motors and bass shakers that are strapped on the user. The project is visualized using virtual video glasses to create an intimate experience.

We researched motors, vibrator motors and bass shaker speakers as outputs for our project. We also looked into the best way to create an immersive visual environment and looked into projection mapping and virtual video glasses.

Primarily, this project was developed for people with hearing disabilities, but a large part of it is also recreational. Its meant for a an audience who don't write music but want to be able to control available layers and filters to create their own song, visualization and massage

User Scenario
The user gets strapped with vibration motors and is provided an input box with a monomer box of pre loaded music layers to choose from. <br /><br /> The ideal visual output scenario would like a video sculpture. This would involve a huge dark space, like a 20 ft by 20 ft room.This space would be then dressed with props for projection mapping each audio layer's visualization to create a unique experience. Since space is limited we are providing an alternate user experience with video glasses.

Hardware: Arduino uno, 4 vibration motors and 2 bass shakers, 6 button inputs<br /> Software: Processing, Max/MSP, Ableton<br />

We bbq-ed an arduino trying to power up the bass shaker. From then on we worked closely with Scott and Benedetta and understood the importance of the supplying the right voltage and current through the circuit.