Ivana Basic


Solid is a self-destructive sculptural piece, which brakes itself in absence of an audience.


Basic Analog Circuits

Solid is an interactive sculpture which brake itself in absence of an audience. Using kinect, sculpture perceives when there are no people around(or when people start going away from it, depending on the amount of physical space available for installation)and starts destroying itself. The sculpture consists of the plaster made form ,which encloses the mechanical structure inside of it, composed out of solenoids, that are hitting the walls of the form in order to brake it. The process is being recorded, and streamed live through projection, with the microscopic camera inside the sculpture showing the hits. There is a microphone inside the sculpture amplifying the sound of the hits. Solid talks about destruction of the body and it’s form, as well as about grief and mourning, offering viewers experience to contemplate in the expectation of the loss.

Throughout the years I have been dealing with notion of body and its limitations, and wanted to make a physical object that represents cumulative process of destruction of the form over time.

Every one, art audience

User Scenario
When you come near the sculpture the sculpture acts as if it is just, passive, classical piece of art, the moment you start walking away from it the solenoids start hitting the sculpture from the inside to brake it, the sound of the hits is heard yet nothing seen, even though the viewer is standing right in front of the object. The process is being recorded and streamed live, on the projection.

It is made out of plaster form which encloses the mechanism with solenoids which are braking the sculpture from the inside by hitting it. Piece uses kinect and Open frameworks to see if there are people around, in order to trigger the destruction. It also uses microphone and speakers to amplify the sound of the hits, as well as microscopic camera inside the sculpture.