Christie Leece


Tele-scope transports each user to a previously unexplored shore through a visualization and soundscape.

Introduction to Physical Computing

The limits of earth have been explored extensively. When archeologists sink a trowel in the dirt, they come across layer upon layer of human relics. This project was developed to allow users to experience being the first person to step foot on a shore. The scope is intended to transport someone through an intriguing visual projection that changes as they move, as well as a soundscape that encourages investigation and discovery of changing elements in the landscape. By generating new elements in the scene at random, each viewer will truly be experiencing a unique space.

I could adjust the height of the tripod, so anyone could use the scope.

User Scenario
The interaction is individual, but users will be able to direct others to look for elements of interest in the background since it won't be changing entirely every second. The telescope glows with a changing internal projection to intrigue passers by, and once they put on the headphones and step up to the scope, they enter the alternate landscape.