Mark Kleback
Sae-Wook Huh


A touch-screen bar top that allows the users to play a game using their drinks.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

Using TUIO technology, we\\\'ve implemented a camera and a series of projectors into a plexiglass table to read ID tags on the bottoms of coasters and register a pong-like game on the surface of the table. We will implement up to four players on our first iteration of the game.

TUIO was easy to use with the sample Processing library. However, editing graphics and making the program adapt to our game design was a challenge. On the hardware side, we found difficulties stretching our projection and camera vision across our 72" table. We designed the game around this setback, only using the center of the bar for the game, and creating graphics in the "dead space". We are using a triple-head and three projectors to make our sketch stretch across the surface.

Anyone who wants to play a simple game using drink coasters. Since the game pieces are coasters, not drinks, we will probably have some cups of water or cans of soda nearby so people can play on the floor.

User Scenario
A pair of people walk up to the bar and get two drinks. One person claims the right side, the other claims the left. They put their drinks on the bar and play a quick game. First to 10 points wins. This should take about 2-5 minutes and then they move on.

The bar is 72" long, 20" wide, and around 3.5 feet tall. We have been constructing it and testing everything off of the floor. Since all of the hardware is built into the bar, we will only need an outlet to plug it in.

We still have about a week of testing left, but we're experimenting with different USB/Firewire cameras to find out what has the best resolution and width for our game.