Claire Mitchell

Vital Portraits

Portraits altered by the vital sigs of the subject.

Introduction to Computational Media

This is a series of portraits that is revealed in two parts. The first are portraits are taken from a moment in time, along with GSR data. The image is put through a Processing sketch where the pixels are altered by integrating the vital statistic data, and then both printed on paper and etched in plexi-glass. The second is live. Portraits are taken of subjects, while vital statistics are measured, allowing the subject to see their image altered in real time on a screen.

I have been researching a lot about biometrics for the project. The ultimate goal would be to create portraits that hang on a wall, but are interactive by taking in a constant stream of bio-telemtric data from the subject. I imagine a hall of portraits that each have pulse, blood pressure and other vital signs gathered from the subjects remotely.

Anyone with a pulse.

User Scenario
The user sits in front of the camera against a white sych. Their fingers on one hand are slid into a pulse oximeter/ galvanic skin response sensor. A screen has their projected portrait displayed, with pixels reacting to each bit of sensory data. <br /><br /><br /><br /> On a wall, the series of images from previous portrait subjects hang. The series include their normal, but sterile portraits, along side the plexi-glass etched vital portraits.

Camera, laptop running processing, chair, white sych, lighting kit, homemade sensors integrated into finger gloves, LCD display screen, previously etched plexi-glass portraits displayed against wall.

I learned alot about homemade sensors, biological feed back, medical hacking, processing, GSR, pulse, photography and how people react to the distortion of their own image when the distortion is a result of their own body function.