Mark Kleback
Rose Schlossberg
Ryan Viglizzo


Visual/Audio manipulation device that is used by performers and audience.

Introduction to Physical Computing

We built a performance object that can shift video and sounds of various sample patches/tracks during a live performance. We built it as a wireless device so any performer or audience member can interact the ball to shift the sound and video… The zOrb has three main compents: a mini arduino, bluetooth BlueSMiRF chip, and an accelerometer/gyroscope sensor. The sensors were hooked up in MAX (MSP and Jitter) to control video and music..

On stage very few performers use wireless devices to control their own visuals or music during a performance. We decided that we wanted to make a compact device that was not only used by performers but also the audience to control specific aspects of the visual and musical performance. Mark's ball came up for discussion and the zOrb was born....

Musicians and lovers of music

It is made of a hollowed out MAC speaker with a bluetooth, accelorometer/gyroscope, and mini ardunio and two RGBs are placed inside that change color based on the movement of the ball.

Bluetooth + MAX = hard. There were many trials, failures, and successes with the ball. We now have everything working but need to refine the serial readings and make it more accurate.