Ilwon Yoon

Against, but together

An interactive wine glass music player which is controlled and triggered by capturing people playing rock, scissors, and paper.

Makematics: Turning Computer Science Research into Creative Work

This is an interactive musical instrument played and controlled by the action of rock, paper, scissor game. There are 7 Wine glasses with various amount of the water representing musical note instead of using any computer generated sound.(It is also nostalgia of the youth of people who played with glass to create a different sound). Two people will be guided to play rock, paper, scissor in the restricted area for a precise detection, and they won\'t know what would be happening until they play rock paper scissor. And then the result of rock, paper, scissor will decide which note will be triggered. Rock, paper, scissor is sort of game to compete with each other, but people will find out that it is not about win or lose, but collaboration with their opponent if you want to play music with wine glass.

For a description of the work, the 7 wine glass will be played with servo motored powered by Arduino, and a webcam will detect the result of the R,S, P game. I\'ve made

a playground to have a consistent lighting condition for best computer vision.

There will be a video projection to give a people guide line.

A laptop, A webcam, A projector required.

Preferably install this work in relatively quite area since the sound from wine glass is

not so big as much as speaker sound.