Hannah Mishin


1 Part performative/ 1 part code/ 1 part fabrication.
It's a blink tracker. I wear a rig around with an infrared sensor and load the footage into Processing and record my blinks.


Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

Helmet rig- an adequate contraption. I mount my PowerShot to the rig and have it angled just so, that the mirror captures nothing but some part of the field of vison. For syncing issues, the camera\'s filed is also capturing the quadrant of my face which contains my eye.

Processing takes this video, and it splits the screen to expose only the mirror image and the eye socket. Overlayed over the (now white borders between these moving images) is data: when I blink it registers, knocks the counter of total blinks up, copies the mirror image part of the screen and overlays a tinted version (you will see both what the video is playing but also, a tinted image (copy/still) of what the mirror was capturing when processing registered the last blink. The word \"Blink\" will be displayed to ensure it is clear what the sketch is about. Also \"time elapsed\" will also be displayed, so there is a reference to consider the \"blink\" totals.

I will document me wearing the rig in public. I wore it riding home one day, and most people take note at least with facial expressions.