Hsiao-Wen Chou
Ji Hyun Lee
Yelizaveta Lokshina

Chameleon Mugs

A set of 3 mugs that change colors based on their proximity to each other, perfect for the holidays, inquire for purchasing details

Designing for Digital Fabrication,Product Poetry: Designing Inter-experience

The Chameleon Mugs are a specialty item set of mugs that interact with each other by changing their colors based on their proximity to each other.

The color of the mugs are created on the RGB color model. When three mugs are next to each other, each mug produces a white color light. When far apart, each mug reveals its own unique color (red, green or blue). Two mugs near each other produces either magenta, yellow or cyan between the two mugs, while the single mug that is further away stays unique.