Tom Arthur

change you can believe in

A coin collector that puts loose change in context
of the things you care about.

Comm Lab: Web,Introduction to Physical Computing

One of the most unexpected differences between Los Angeles and New York is the number of places in NYC that only accept cash for payment. The side effect of paying with cash? Lots of coins. Although a penny here and a quarter there might seem inconsequential, even these small denominations have worth.

On a daily basis this device is a central collection point for your loose change. Everyday, you simply drop your loose change in the collector and it is automatically added to your total.

When you\'re curious about what you\'ve saved, simply place a trinket on the RFID reader to learn the real-world value of your money. You can quantify your change in ways that benefit you or ways you can help others.

For example, placing a beer trinket on the reader will tell you you have saved enough to buy 5 beers and a heart informs you that you could aid a shelter in feeding 3 people for a week. Best of all, you can track any item or cause you\'re interested in. By placing an RFID tag on the bottom of the trinket and registering the item, you can track how your change adds up.