Adria Navarro-Lopez
Archana Kumar
Claire Mitchell
Doug Kanter
Gavin Hackeling
Ioni Gkliati
Luis Daniel Palacios Morton
Monica Bate Vidal
Nicholas Johnson
Omer Shapira
Peter Darche
Sara Al-Bassam
Sean McIntyre

Citizen Cyberscience

Projects from the Citizen Cyberscience Class.

Citizen Cyberscience

Recently, crowd sourcing projects that engage citizens in scientific activities have become a driving force in scientific discovery and research. By getting citizens involved in data collection and analysis, research that once took years and massive amounts of resources can now be done faster and cheaper than ever. Students from the class are looking to answer a diverse set of questions, from \"Where does your trash go?\" to \"What\'s growing in your wallet?\", \"Can tweets track violent crime?\", \"Can your phone tell whether you\'re lost?\",
and \"Can the crowd measure the carbs on your plate?\" See the initial development of those projects here.