Ana Maria Benedetti Nevett
Dong Ik Shin
Melissa Dela Merced
Mick Hondlik

Click And Hold It

The stupidest computer game ever...that gets conversations started!

Designing Conversational Spaces

This installation connects 4 separate user stations and allows each user to play a game called Click And Hold It. The game is simple, each user clicks and holds down the mouse button continuously on a moving object on their screen. The object is to keep the mouse clicked and within the object. As long as this is done the users video feed will continue to be visible to all players and those players\' feeds will be visible to the user. When the mouse is released or the cursor leaves the object the user looses and is booted from the community video chat. The winner (loser?) is the one who persists in the stupid game longest! A large screen will show the video/audio feed of the 4 players to the audience. An online version will follow.