Josh Begley


An iPhone app that sends you a push notification every time there's a US drone strike.

Data Without Borders: Data Science in the Service of Humanity,Narrative Lab

Drones+ is a simple iPhone app that sends users a push notification every time there\'s a US drone strike. By playing with the idea of what we choose to get notified about in real-time, the app also poses a question: even if we have access to the data about covert drone strikes, do we really want to be interrupted by it?

The app is a basic 2-part webview which shows a feed of every strike in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia since 2002 as reported by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. It also places the North and South Waziristan attacks on a map, so users can explore how near or far away they are from each strike.

The application has been rejected by Apple 3 times, so if accepted to the show it would be the only copy in existence.