Sarah Rothberg

Leonardo da Fishy

This fish paints!

Introduction to Computational Media

Pet fish often suffer from depression, but Leonardo da Fishy, resident artiste at Fisch School of the Arts, has found his creative voice through cutting-edge assistive technology. A camera, placed above his bowl, tracks his movements (via Processing), and a corresponding sketch (\"Swimpressionist Painting\") is created in real-time and projected onto a mini-easel and canvas.

Da Fishy is one of a school of painters that include esteemed swimpressionists like Sandro Bettacelli, Vincent van Goldfish, Karp Rothko, and the late Pablo Pescado.

Their work is often a reflection of their mood and habitat, and is best viewed serially, which is why a gallery if da Fishy\'s most recent works (also updated real-time) will also be on display.