Caroline Sinders

NYC Pie, Oh My!

A culinary meet up powered by sugar, arduinos and fun.

Introduction to Physical Computing

I grew up in the South baking and noticed that food always brought people together. Since starting at ITP, I\'ve been bringing pies a few times a month to the floor. I would update my Facebook to let people know but without fail, people would always miss the pie. I thought wouldn\'t it be great to let people know when I\'m baking a pie and then just send out an email to interested parties?

I believe what I\'ve just described is an idea. For my pomp final, I am building a switch that is hooked up to my oven (which I only use to bake pies). When the switch is turned on, my arduino tweets out a message of \"pie?\" from the arudino to cosm and from cosm to twitter.. NYC Pie, Oh My! (the name of the project) will send out an email alert after the pie is done with a link. The link will activate at a noted time and then a person will click on the link, put in their name and email and the option of a guest. THe idea is that there will be a cap on the amount of people that can sign up so it\'s a competition to sign up the quickest. The following day, the person will get an email of a time and location of where to meet up for pie. However, with each meet up, the size, location and time will vary. One meet up could be in a small studio apartment in Brooklyn, so the cap could be ten people. Another meet up could be in an industrial loft space, so a larger cap would be allowed. The idea is to get random people (i.e. strangers) together and brought together by a love of pies and sugar.

For the winter show, I\'d like to have a laptop set up with the website loaded on the screen. People can enter their emails into the listerve on my website and follow the NYC Pie, Oh My twitter stream. I will build a fake oven with the switch attached. Inside this fake oven will be real pie I will be handing out. The twitter handle will tweet every time I open the oven of \"pie?\" When the project is launched later in January, I will send an email out to the listserve about a meet up with a specific time and place for pie.