Adam Quinn
Omer Shapira
Shilpan Bhagat

Power Plants

Nature audiovisual randomly-generated simulation controlled by touching plants.

Introduction to Physical Computing

By touching three plants, the user grows an ecosystem projected on a wall.

Using machine learning, the return peak of a filter from a frequency sweep blasted into the plant is studied by the computer and memorized for each interaction. Each of those interactions are mapped to leaves of the plant, thus controlling different elements in the display. The display is generated randomly using L-Systems, with a physics simulation.

The installation is a homage to Maurice Sendak\'s \"Where the Wild Things Are\".

Sensing: Arduino, Custom software on Java + Shell, using the \'Touché\' system design by Disney Research.
Visuals: Processing + OpenGL.
Sound: Max/MSP.

Project by Shilpan Bhagat, Omer Shapira and Adam Quinn.