Alexandra Diracles


A heat sculpture which melts a material according to the movements of people in a specified area of a room.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

I\'m interested in the human energy constantly moving and changing within the public spaces we share. \"Remnant\" serves to explore how the accumulation of motion within a single space can be reflected through the changing state and trajectory of a material. The sculpture exhibits this process by slowly melting and cooling a gelatin material through an encased copper structure. As the room adjusts to the comings and goings of people, the material melts and recongeals according to the same factors. A camera and motion detection code calculate the amount of movement occurring in the space directly in front of the sculpture. The calculation deciphers how long the heat will remain on or off. Therefore, the more movement in the space, the longer the heater will remain on, and the faster the material will liquify. Less movement will allow the heaters to remain off and the material to cool. Day by day a single room can receive innumerable amounts of human traffic. In \"Remnant\" I am exploring new ways of representing our collective energy in a single space.