Adam Quinn
Surya Mattu

Story Board

With a touchscreen interface, the Story Board allows users to use pictograms and symbols to weave together narratives, poetry, and sometimes nonsense.

Introduction to Physical Computing

The Story Board works like this:

1. The person at the touch screen picks three little pucks with symbols
on them. The symbols might be an eyeball, a house, and a man. They drag
them to the screen where the symbols are sent to a writer at the other

2. A ‘writer’, sitting at a computer, gets the symbols, translates them
into a sentence and sends the sentence back to the person at the screen.

3. This process of sending symbols, interpreting, and returning,
continues until several lines of a story emerge.

4. What is left is a sequence of symbols and the translation into words,
all recorded and stored on the touch screen and at the interface on the
computer of the writer…