DD Yang Jiang
Edward Button
Sam Brenner

The Big Bang

The Big Bang is an interactive sculpture and drawing machine that creates a unique image of a galaxy based on sound input from a participant.


Introduction to Physical Computing

The Big Bang started out as a drawing machine that would create a unique image of a galaxy based on the sound input from a participant. While we where creating the machine it became clear that the machine itself was a sculpture. During the first presentation the machine was easily as interesting to participants as the image created, thus it became a sculpture.

The Big Bang is initiated by sound input from a participant. They make noise and a microphone send’s the sound to Max. From Max data is sent to an Arduino that triggers pattern’s and color’s on three LED light strips. The light strips are fixed to propeller like arms that are mounted to a motor driven lazy susan. As the lazy Susan spins, a long exposure photograph is taken of the spinning light’s and projected on the wall. The project is being advanced to have the photographs either printed out on the spot or uploaded to a Tumbler sight so the participant can take a copy home.

The project was created for the Pcom midterm and is being improved for the final. We are improving and adding another level of audio control for the LED’s, fabricating a more reliable circuit system to send data and spin the lazy susan, creating the print generation or upload of the image, and creating a wall mounting for the sculpture.

The Big Bang is a chance for people to create there own universe and take a piece of it home with them. It serves to remind us that we can all create something beautiful and unique. We are all master’s of our Universe.