Bona Kim
James Borda

The Buddhist

A full-size, 80s-style video arcade game. Your avatar is a monk who steps into the scene and meditates. The winning conditions of this game are very different from traditional games.

Narrative Lab

In Narrative Lab class, we explore the possibility of developing a new kind of narrative arc other than Aristotle\'s. This backward thinking, hero/ heroine driven narrative often gives the audience their catharsis through reversal - the discovery of meaning through recontextualization of past events.

However, according to Buddhism, the source of all suffering is our mental reflex to separate ourselves and other objects from the background plane of the universe and label them, conceptualize them, imbue them with individuality and then draw some value between them. The reality of constant change means that nothing, including ourselves, is unitary, enduring, or independent. We make ourselves unhappy by maintaining the fiction of our individuality. And we do this by telling stories about ourselves. Dwelling on the past or future prevents us from awakening into the vividness of the present moment.

Through \"The Buddhist\" we hope the audience gains some awakening. Awakening that we live our life seeking goals and activities but maybe we need to stop those actions and embrace our being in the present in order to reach happiness.