Wajma Mohseni

tuneHopper – Karaoke

Music has the power to unite, heal, communicate and bring joy to millions of people worldwide. The tuneHopper "mobile" karaoke device is where technology meets fun, allowing people to sing a popular tune and capture their happy moments together.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

This is a karaoke machine (programmed through a laptop) which allows someone to:

* press one of four buttons to make a song selection

* sing the song which is projected on a screen. They can also view themselves onscreen through a webcam. The songs will already be associated to the button.
* the screen will have also show an object, either through facetracker or colour tracking, which will make the interaction more fun eg moustache

* while the person is singing, images will be captured at random times and projected on another screen. This screen will have had the shot of the last person singing. These images can be emailed to them