Colin Narver
Myriam Melki
Sergio Majluf
Vanessa Joho

Voodoo Bear

Voodoo Bear is a showcase for how social media transparency in our private actions can lead to changes in our public ones by emphasizing the accountability of each user.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Voodoo bear is a collaborative project by Vanessa Joho, Sergio Majluf, Myriam Melki and Colin Narver.

A teddy bear has a strong positive connotation. It is a toy intended for children and it represents love, care and friendship. A voodoo doll, however, is a tool for harming people we loathe. Combining both concepts, we created our unique Voodoo bear.

He is an interactive teddy bear that, depending on the way you treat it, will either love you back or use social media as a means to hurt you.