Sean McIntyre


Surveillance of others. Analytics for you.

Understanding Networks

Inspired by the ITP surveillance cameras, Watchr makes it easy to develop apps built on the data from surveillance cameras.

Use cases:

- Do you need to see what the camera sees at a specific time? No problem, we have all the images you need, down to the millisecond!

- Would you like to see all the images of a particular person? Our search engine uses facial, gesture, and gait recognition to pick out all the photos, just type a name in and you\'re set!

- Who was the last person to leave for the day? I\'m glad you asked! Our APIs make it easy for you to receive a daily SMS message to give you that answer.

Security is our biggest concern. Since all of Watchr\'s data is stored in the cloud, we take care to use state-of-the-art business practices to ensure that your data is private (**limited warranty).

In anticipation to our launch, we will launch a competition at the ITP Winter Show, asking prospective users and developers who drop by to our booth, \"What app would you like to SEE with Watchr?\" The best idea will win a prize!

At Watchr, our first responsibility is to our investors. Our business model is to charge app developers access to our API, based on bandwidth and rate of usage.

Those who sign up as prospective app developers or investors at the ITP Winter Show will receive early beta access to our services.

In order to stay competitive, the Watchr executives will the lobby the ITP faculty and staff to reconsider their decision to install publicly accessible IP webcams on the ITP floor. Instead, we would much prefer if we had exclusive access rights so no other company could capitalize on this excessively open system.