Michael Oneppo


AnaLuma reconnects indoor spaces with the the cadence and natural influence of sunlight, projecting a simulated sun onto the walls or ceiling.


Introduction to Physical Computing

Living indoors we gain new comforts. But we lose our exposure to the open sky and to the sun, breaking us away from the rhythm of sunrises and sunsets, inclination and declination.

The sun communicates our place during the day and the year, and our bodies have evolved to expect it to balance our lives.

AnaLuma attempts to provide the benefits of indoor lighting with the cadence and natural influence of the sun. The light is meant to be hung in a large room, where it will provide a surrogate sun that mimics the motion of the sun through the days and seasons.

The AnaLuma is a spherical hanging lamp with a full-spectrum lightbulb inside. The sphere has an opening that projects a bright spot on the wall. Over the course of the day, the body of the lamp moves to align the projected sun with the real sun. At sunset, the light changes from bright white to a dim blue, continually tracking the sun's position below the horizon.

For demonstration purposes, AnaLuma is accompanied with a simple touchscreen interface that allows a user to select a place in the world. AnaLuma will then move to represent the position of the sun for people in that area.