Dana Reginiano
Katevisuth Sukpisan

Animated Jellyfish

Enliven a static space with an illusion of graphic animation.


Introduction to Physical Computing

In attempt to revive lifeless space at ITP, “Kate Sukpisan” and “Dana Reginiano”, first-year graduate students designed ‘Animated Jellyfish’ – an old school paper animation with a hi-tech twist. Installed on a round column in the ITP building, this paper-made aquarium is intended to be interactive with proximity to an audience. To illustrate, there would be 2 layers of paper working together to create an animation, the bottom layer is an abstract graphics of jellyfish and the top layer is a transparent layer with black stripes. The animation will be generated when a striped acetate overlay to give the illusion of movement. In our project, we attached the top layer with a gear, which will be driven and controlled by a high torque motor and Arduino. Generally, the animation will maintain a certain speed and will adjust the speed when IR distance sensors detect human movements or interactions with the project. The change of speed ensures the visual reception of ‘Animated Jellyfish’.

Paper and cardboard paper.

Doing things in a big scale is a lot harder than a small scale.