Aaron Sherwood
Ben Kauffman
Bill Lindmeier
Carl Jamilkowski
Caroline Sinders
dexter miranda
Edward Button
Hanna Moon
Jon Wasserman
Lei Ng
Liz Khoo
Louise Foo
Mike Allison
Norah Solorzano
Patricia R. Zablah
Rafael Gross Brown

Center for Temporary Expertise

A video mosaic that allows the user to see any question that they want answered by one of the temporary experts in our class. It is not a linear process.


The Temporary Expert: Research-based Art and Design Practice

We will be showing the final presentations of our Temporary Expert class under the umbrella of our made up "Center for Temporary Expertise" and show people the framework to become temporary experts in anything. The format in inspired by TED talks and will showcase the work that we dove into over the semester in a 7min format video. Furthermore, we will handout brochures that provide a framework to allow anyone to become temporary experts.

Each of the students approached their research from three different venues: interviewing people, scholarly research and hands on prototyping and each came up with a different project.

Our target audience are curious people who want to learn things about the world by making associations that are not what they usually make.

User Scenario
A user will approach the four monitors, select with "question" they want to see answered, and when they click that question a video with one of the students will pop up explaining their project.
After, we will hand them a "brochure" on how to become temporary experts themselves.

It is videos that will be shown through a grid on the 4 crt monitors that are on the floor. I spoke to Rob and Marlon and they said we can have them.

I learned that you can learn anything if you are curious enough about it and to be ok with being a novice at things- it leads you to very interesting places.