John Choi
Jung Ho Park

Coke bubble Catching

It is a Bubble catching game inspired by Coca-Cola.

Introduction to Physical Computing

It is called COKE BUBBLE CATCHING GAME. Basically, the bottle is going to be your joystick, and you will be able to control the polar bear on the screen. The bear will be catching bubbles; the goal of this game is to get rid of every bubble on the screen. However, there is a catch, the more you move the bottle, the more bubbles you get. So be careful, you are removing bubbles and creating bubbles at the same time.

By blowing the top of bottle, you can start the game. If in the middle of the game you have too many bubbles on the top of the screen, you can blow through the neck of the bottle. Then you will see the bubbles on the top falling down bit by bit.