Susanne Forchheimer


Mastermind meets The Da Vinci code! Who doesn’t want to try out this coding box and see if they can solve the code and find what’s stored inside!

Introduction to Physical Computing

This Cryptotube is locked by a 5-sequence switch code. The user has to figure out the code to open the hexagon-shaped tube and find what’s inside. We’re using the basic idea from the game mastermind where the player is being given feedback and hints according to what they’ve been guessing. The feedback is in form of LED’s that light up depending on how many correct positions and correct values the player has. The total number of combinations are 2^5 = 32 and to prevent the user from systematically just running through the combinations we’re re-randomizing the code after 20 attempts.

The tube is about 30 cm wide and 10 cm in diameter and consists of a fake bottom where the Arduino and all the electronics go. To lock the tube we’re using a solenoid. As of now it is made out of foam but we want to construct a wood piece for the winter show.