Clara Santamaria Vargas

Dancing Maracas

Life's a party, you are just missing the maracas.

Introduction to Physical Computing

We spent close to 12 hours (based on pure observation) glued to our screens and computers. This project was inspired by the need to stop from time to time and shake it! The maracas act as an alarm clock and start shaking and moving when you haven't done so in a while. They will keep moving on its own, and becoming increasingly annoying, until the person picks it up and starts shaking them and moving around.

It's all about having a 50 seconds dance party that helps you keep moving, and helps your productivity, overall happiness AND dancing moves.

For starters, fellow ITPers, but potentially everyone that spends a great amount of time working and concentrating on a computer.

User Scenario
The maracas start moving after an X amount of time. The User picks the maracas up and start dancing and moving around until the program starts running again.

For an actual product the times between the start of the program, the start of the movement of the maracas and the dancing time would be much higher. For this showcase, the times are set shorter.

The pair of maracas is made of wood and hand painted. Each maraca uses a vibration motor and a vibration sensor controlled by the Arduino Uno.