Gal Sasson
Su Hyun Kim


An on-line web communication adapter to change the way we interact on web camera. FlapChat is an on-line interactive space where your web camera becomes a bird. You can flap your arms to fly around the space.

Appropriating Interaction Technologies

Boeing Boeing Birdie is a new way of peer to peer web camera interaction. By moving your arms up and down like flocking bird wings, you can move your web video container to fly around the browser. Each video container becomes a bird in an abstract space. Two birds can get lost in the web space together, they can explore the scenery, sit or hide behind objects in the scene.

Boeing Boeing Birdie is simple yet entertaining. It brings smiles to people and let them be silly. We've witnessed our users playing with this for at least 5 to 10 minutes without being bothered. Did we mention that it is also a great exercise?

We studied and researched different kind of computer vision by discussions and playing with different methods. We found that there is a lot of interesting space in web video cameras to explore. People were so still when they are on video chats and we wanted to change the interaction.

This is for all general public. Especially popular with kids.

User Scenario
A person will stand in front of camera and to see his/her web video box becoming a bird. With small movements, he/she will learn that he can move the web camera box can move. By moving his arms, he will also realize the wings attached on bird video box are flocking. The user will also see another person communicating with him in the same virtual space. In an abstract space setting, they will fly together to sit on a rock or hide behind an object. They can explore the space and get lost together. Become a bird! Spread your arms(wings) and fly around the internet!

It's run by peerJS and webRTC.

Giving a different meaning to a usual space provokes new interactions to the mundanes.