Allison Ye
Arielle Hein
John Farrell


The Fridgebot attempts to eliminate food waste in the communal student refrigerator by monitoring food levels and working to remind students of food left in the refrigerator.

Comm Lab: Web,Introduction to Physical Computing

The Fridgebot is a replacement of the written food entry process currently used with the refrigerator. When a student wants to put food in the refrigerator, they simply bump their NYU ID on the Fridgebot, which prints out a barcode label for them to place on their container. There will be a one-time data entry required of the students name and netID. This creates a database record for that food item. When the student eats their food, they scan the barcode, which checks the item in the database. If the database sees that a student has placed food in the refrigerator but not eaten it after 48 hours, a reminder email is sent. We will be able to monitor weekly statistics to get data on fridge usage and identify consistent abusers, as well as build up a student database for other project and floor usage. The Fridgebot aims to eliminate the Monday morning fridge clean outs, reduce food waste on the floor, and save students money through the simplest interaction possible.

Our target audience are the students of ITP.

User Scenario
The user wants to put a home-cooked meal in the refrigerator to eat later. They will bump their ID on the Fridgebot, and place the printed label on their food container, entering the food into our system. When they eat that food, they scan the label with our barcode scanner thus checking it out. Should they forget to eat their food, they will receive a reminder email after 48 hours have passed since entry.

Fridgebot is made of birch plywood, which houses a touchscreen monitor, Mac mini, Arduino Yun, RFID card reader, Adafruit thermal printer, and barcode scanner. It is mounted on a metal stand, acting as a kiosk in the kitchen.