Yan Zou

Genesis DIYed

Be the creator of a miniature world on a table in Augmented Reality.


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This project attempts to better connect the user and the augmented reality by giving the user the 'god-like' ability to actually create a miniature world in augmented reality. The process resembles the stories in Genesis where god 'makes up' everything and places it into the world.

First, an empty AR world is projected onto a 1foot*1foot board. Then, users can draw shapes on paper and select what objects(animals, plants, cars, user themselves, etc.) this shape represents. Drawings will then be captured by camera and encoded with pre-written AI, then projected as movable onto the augmented reality. Users can also change the geography of the world by placing different AR markers onto the board. The objects are able to respond to the geography and interact with other objects, just like in the real world. Eventually, users can draw shapes that represent themselves and place themselves into the world, thus sending the 'god' back onto earth and see the reactions of the other creatures. Users can also control all the objects either by arrow keys and placing the markers.

All the AIs and interaction can be easily changed and thus creating different narratives. This project can be further developed into a powerful story telling tools for children for eduction purposes, or even be used as story-borading tools for the film industry.

I observed the way the film industry works for the last two years and discovered much inconveniences around time and space arrangements. It is extremely hard to coordinate everyone's time to run all the blocking, rehearsals and art design. A system that can simulate the process without having everyone being there will save a crew huge amount of time.

However, we then realized that this tool can also be used to fulfill many more people's need for story-telling.

This can be used by young children as a visual storytelling tool, as well as an animated story-board tool for the film industry.

User Scenario
When five-year-old Jack wants to tell a story about a dinosaur in the modern world, he can them draw up the world and the dinosaur and then place the dinosaur into the world to see how the dinosaur gets c

The board is made of thick paper board and the users draw on a 4A white paper then we use the webcam on a laptop to capture the drawings.

The users will watch the world unfold on the laptop screen and draw all the objects on paper. Users will then hold up the drawing to the webcam for the drawing to be recognized. Then, they can place the augmented reality markers that represent different objects onto the board. Users can either press the arrow keys or move the markers around to change the positions of the AR objects.

Visual narrative should be more universally accessible than a privilege for filmmakers.