Ilwon Yoon
Jiwon Yoon

Hi-five Camera

Hi-five camera is a social game that enables people to create a gif image with hi-five sound to encourage physical reaction among people

Comm Lab: Web,Dynamic Web Development,Live Web

Hi-five is a highly positive expression between people who want to celebrate something that they could share.

What if we can induce people who haven’t met or not familiar to do hi-five? Hi-five camera will randomly pick two people and will be asked to do hi-five by sending text message. Two players who got a text message need to find each other and go to a place where the project installed to take a picture together in a limited time. When they find each other and hi-five in front of the project, an installed microphone will detect sound pattern of hi-five and will capture a couple of images to generate a gif image of them. Depending on the level of sound generated by hi-five and the elapsed time after text message sent, they will get a score of their hi-five as well as funny gif image.

Hi-five camera initially designed to ITP. ITP is a big group. We have almost 200 people around the floor, yet sometime we don’t have enough chance to know each other unless we take a same class. By deploying this project on the floor, we want to provide an opportunity to students to explore a new relationship among peers by sharing moment of doing hi-five together and share fun images. For the show purpose, this project will be extended to people who will come to ITP winter shows. Audiences will be asked to take a picture at the lobby and fill their name and phone number if they want participate in this game.

ITP students, Audiences at winter show

User Scenario
1. Two users receive the text message to ask them join the Hi-five game
2. Find each other
3. Go to a place where the project installed to take a picture together in a limited time
4. Do Hi-five!
5. Computer takes photos by detecting the sound
6. Generate a gif image of the photos

People will take their photos and add their information at the photo booth. The game will find the match based on information and sent text messages to each other.
There will be a hi-five camera with big monitors showing their photos and names.
The pair should do hi-five in front of the camera and enjoy a funny gif image of them!