Brian Clifton
Sabrina Osmany

Light Mixer

Mix your own RGB light !

Introduction to Physical Computing

The Light Mixer is an interactive RGB light generator. The user is able to mix varying amounts of Red, Green and Blue waters to produce a color of light of her choice. The combination of her choices results in a specific color in the color spectrum. In the process, the user also learns how the RGB color scheme works (for example, she will learn that red and green in equal parts make yellow- something that is counterintuitive to most of us) The medium of water is chosen as its fluid quality corresponds to the fluidity of the color changes in the spectrum. The impetus of this project came from a frustration with not being able to understand RGB color in terms of numbers (0-255) The physicality of less or more water provides a very pleasing interface for the color spectrum, one that to me also feels more intuitive.