Alejandro Puentes Amezquita

Magnetic Puppet

No strings attached.

Introduction to Physical Computing

I built a magnetic puppet which responds to a stimulus generated by a set of underlying “control” electromagnets. Though quite simple, I think this project could be useful in teaching children the basics of magnetism, and in motivating them to create their own magnetic toys. In addition, this project could be further developed into new forms of artistic expression—such as a puppet theater.

I had to read a little about alternate current, magnetism and electromagnetism.

Kids and adults who enjoy puppets

User Scenario
Creating animations using this technology, or even a magnetic theater.

Its just a puppet, magnets and electromagnets responding to a distance range sensor connected to an Arduino Uno.

A new technology for animation.

A new technology for puppeteering.

Working with neodymium magnets is tough because they are very strong and break very easy.